Their first triumph was in 1988, when their first music album called Speak was released . On the cover of it you can see three handsome guys and it consists of 14 funky and unlike each other tracks. When their hits Failing In Love Again, There’s A Beat Going On, 9Am began to be played on the radio, LondonBeat got back their appetite for glory and began creating new music masterpieces.


In 1989 the next album was released. It was named after the band itself LondonBeat (maxi-single). Because of its release booking this band was on trend and though this music album only contained seven tracks, they were brand new, powerful, catchy, as for example: A better love, their immortal hit I’ve been thinking about you, that was downloaded several times by all categories of people, a cover version of Bob Marley No woman no cry, a vital song This is your life and the following song You love and learn…

Not stopping there, the performances of artist were very popular at the time, LondonBeat released their third music album In The Blood in 1990. Apart from already released smash hit I’ve been thinking about you, the CD contained their famous songs like A Better Love, It’s In The Blood, She Broke My Heart (In 36 Pieces), This Is Your Life, You Love And Learn –12 songs in total.

After a small but fruitful break the music project LondonBeat released their fourth music album called Harmony (1992). It was more balanced, and even though it was not so well-promoted, it found its own fans thanks to such tracks as You Bring On The Sun, That’s How I Feel About You, Secret Garden, that helped them find the right title Harmony, and the last track The Sea Of Tranquillity was the most favourite of theirs. This music album is perfect for playing in the car that takes you far away beyond the horizon to the warm coast. Concerts of the music project LondonBeat were very popular at the time.

London-beat.comIn 1994 their music album called Best! The Singles was released that was a sampler of their best hits. After a long-time in 2003 they prepared a wonderful gift for all their fans – a great comeback of LondonBeat with a song Where Are You, as well as four brand new CD editions: The Very Best Of Londonbeat (2003), Back In The Hi-life (2003), Gravity (2004) and I’ve been thinking… (the remix album, 2004) over the course of two years. Together with the remix they returned to the dance floors of Europe again and still haven’t left up until now.

They are appearing at private and corporate shows, at great multimedia events. Booking LondonBeat is very easy through the official management at LondonBeat website www.london-beat.com

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