By LondonBEAT

LondonBeat band have been invited to perform in Poland via their offical website. A new music entertainment project called “DiscoMix” started on 10 November in Wrocław. LondonBeat will be performing alongside some very famous Polish musicians from 90’.  The producers have planned to organise a disco marathon that includes the performances of foreign artists in other cities.

The fans of LondonBeat from Koszalin and Gdynia will also have an opportunity to meet the legends of their youth. The main factor of this music project is the recreation of the athmosphere of euro disco of 80’/90’ including the key element, the performance of the legendary band of those times – LondonBeat.

Based on the spectators’ reviews of Wroclaw disco, LondonBeat were a real success. The songs of LondonBeat don’t date with the time and even today in the 21st century the magnetic energy of LondonBeat attracts new dance music lovers to their army of fans. Thanks to LondonBeat performing at “DiscoMix” project, the Polish music and events callendar has gained a fantastic cultural event. The disco party in Wroclaw together with LondonBeat has all the chances to become a weekly event for the Polish audience.

The organisers of the disco and the concert show of LondonBeat are looking forward to the future events. The disco artists are happy to be invited to these kind of events. DISCO music unites generations!

Love, your LondonBeat

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