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“First Radio” of Israel is celebrating its 16th birthday with LondonBeat!

LondonBeat is flying to Ashdod in Israel next week. The first Russian speaking commercial music radio station in Israel is celebrating its 16th anniversary on wave 89.1 FM.

The organisers of this event celebrating the anniversary of the radio station on 16 October have invited LondonBeat as a special guest. The show will take place at the Palace of Stage Arts in Ashdod at 19:30.

The negotiations between the organisers and the official agent of LondonBeat are complete: the contract for a stage performance of LondonBeat has been signed; the airline tickets for LondonBeat artists have been booked, the hotel rooms are prepared up to the celebrity standards of LondonBeat, the technical and hospitality riders of the stars are being carefully reviewed.

The legendary British band have added the celebration of the 16th birthday of the First Radio of Israel to their show calendar. The official agent of the band guarantees that LondonBeat are fully ready to meet the Israeli audience. We are inviting all the music lovers to this wonderful stage show in Ashdod:
-disco lovers of 80′-90′
-LondonBeat fans
-radio 89,1 FM listeners
See you at the venue, your LondonBeat

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“First Radio” of Israel is celebrating its 16th birthday with LondonBeat!