By LondonBEAT

A legendary concert programme of LondonBeat will bring together all the disco fans at Polyvalent Hall Stadium in a Romanian city Cluj-Napoca on 23 September 2017. The show will start at 7pm. The stage performance of LondonBeat called “Discoteca 80′-Best of the 80′” will be revealing the best songs of the 80′ in forever young “DISCO” style.

Romanian fans of LondonBeat and their disco music are really excited about seeing the band live, they are rushing to buy the tickets and take out their flamboyant and glamorous outfits covered in glitter and sequines. The female part of the audience are going through vintage magazines searching for voluminous hairstyles a-la disco 80 and stocking up on hairspray.

The organisers of this huge live disco show of LondonBeat in Romania’s second biggest city are planning to host ten thousand visitors. The official representatives of the client have completed negotiations with LondonBeat, signed booking contract, agreed on the fee and prepared the technical and hospitality rider of the super star band. The organisers from Cluj-Napoca are set up for success. 80′ Disco music performed by LondonBeat is an absolute hit of the season. See you at the show, Love LondonBeat

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LondonBeat in Cluj-Napoca