By LondonBEAT

On 22 September 2017 London beat band will be performing on an international Spanish resort, Ibiza. The show legendary show that will make everyone feel nostalgic of the 80’s  will start at 7pm at the very famous Hard Rock Hotel.

A stage show of London Beat at “COT-80s” festival with its forever young disco rhythms will create a new page in their biography. The organisers of all the famous club parties on the island invited London Beat with their 80’s hits directly through their agent’s website. They agreed on the fee, signed the contract and reviewed the technical and hospitality riders.

The music wave of disco tunes performed by LondonBeat will shake up the Balearic islands on Friday, 22 September. The performance of LondonBeat in Hard Rock Hotel will be a beautiful start to a new autumn party season in Ibiza.

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LondonBeat in Hard Rock Hotel, Ibisa