By LondonBEAT

On the 6 of February 2016 the legendary band London Beat performed a fabulous show in Vilnius.

It was a private party hosted by a very reputable company. Jimmy Helms and William Upshaw amazed the public with top 90ies hits.

First impressions from the event

Loved by so many people London Beat left everyone speechless. Everything went according to plan and left everyone pleased with the outcome.

The show programme included all the golden hits, that were chosen by the client prior to the show.

After the performance of the charming Englishmen, the audience had a great opportunity to take pictures, chat with the band and get authographs.

People danced all night and got a boost of positive energy from the event.

Where and how you can book a show of London Beat.

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The legendary band London Beat performed a fabulous show in Vilnius