This music band has been active for more than 2 decades already. They are frequent guests at different festivals and private parties. They are touring around the globe, giving performances at big and small stages in a large number of countries. The music they create is a fabulous mixture of pop, house, dance, rap, r’n’b music. The group even works in a specific jenre ‘gospel’.

The group is named after the name of the city it was born in, which happened in 1987. That year a talented musician from the USA, Jimmy Helmes decided to make up a music group. Before that, the future frontman of the legend of 1990-s had some experience in show business. His career started in 1970. The singer’s talent was recognized in 1974, when a song “Gonna Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse” was released. It got into Top 10 of the British national chart. Later on the vocalist sang soundtracks for several British films and a musical. In 1980-s he cooperated with a couple of unpopular music groups until in 1987 he invited George Chandler , William Henshall and Marc Goldschmitz to take part in a new project.

Although the newly formed group based in the Great Britain, their first big concert took place in Holland in 1988. That year first 2 singles “There’s a Beat Going On” and “9 A.M.” were released in the Netherlands. The songs were included into the first studio album “Speak”. The public liked the songs nevertheless the real breakthrough was still ahead.

In 1990 European charts welcomed “I’ve Been Thinking About You”. This hit is considered to be a visit card of the group up to nowadays. The song got Number 1 position in the biggest world chart Billboard Hot 100. Millions of people not only in Europe consider this hit to be a hymn of 1990-s. However, only a few people know that the song was written by the leading vocalist in 1987. It was planned to release it in 1988 but it was postponed. In the end, the hit was included in the second studio album of the group “In the Blood”.

During 1990-s the group released 2 more albums but no renowned hit singles. After 1995 the musicians decided to have a rest for a while until in 2003 the fans heard a new hit single “Where Are You?”. The group was back, but the membership changed a little. Still the soloist remained the same. In 2000s the group released 2 more studio albums: “Back in the Hi-Life” and “Gravity”.

In recent years, the artists are mainly concentrated on their life performances. The legend of the 1990-s is in the great demand. The vocalists are giving frequent a’capella performances which is very popular today. Booking a show of the group is possible to be made through a contact group. All the information about tour schedule one can find out on the official website LondonBeat.