At the beginning of 1990-s in clubs and on dance floors all over the world a new hit made people  feel a rush of energy in their bodies. The song was recognized immediately at the very first accords of it. That masterpiece’s name is LondonBeat – “I’ve been Thinking About You”. Still very little people know that the author of the hit single is Jimmy Chambers, a musician of a Carribean origin.

Chambers was born in Trinidad Island. While growing up he was dreaming of making a career in music industry. Soon he realized that his dream may only come true in London, where he eventually moved. In early 1980-s Chambers was a frontman of his self-made music band DaDa.

A couple of years after DaDa disbanded the musician started cooperating with one of best British male performers of all times Paul Young. The two singers collaborated together on a common album and toured around the globe in 1985. It happened two years before Chambers got acquainted with Jimmy Helmes, George Chandler and William Henshall. The four talented people full of inspiration and passion for music started working together on a new dance project. Although members of the group changed several times since 1987, most successful and famous project is still invited to concert venues of European and Asian countries.

Jimmy Chambers has however recently been involved in other projects. The musician worked with such stars as Tina Turner and others. For the last couple of years he has been concerned about the situation in Trinidad, the native place of Jimmy. He composed a couple of songs for the world-known Carnival of the Isle. Chamber’s creativity and talent are also directed to the cultural life of his homeland.

Although the musician is also continues touring around the world with the group that made a revolution in dance music in 1991. According to official website London Beat booking a show is only possible if the rider of the group is fully complied. In the rider all the aspects are precisely clarified ranging from transfer and accommodation to all the details of the technical rider. The rider proves the fact that the artists remain real stars of modern music industry. However it doesn’t contain any extravagances like in riders of other modern celebrities.  The musicians are not too much picky about food and drinks. Standard appetizers are mentioned, namely cheese platter, fruit platter, fish platter, bread and champagne.  Only mineral water is specified.

As far as other aspects of the rider are concerned a lot attention is paid to the technical aspects. The inviting company must ensure comfortable performance conditions as well as quality sound. As long as the group is invited not only to festivals at large concert venues but also to private parties, technical rider specifies the parameters of the venue.

Although since the release of the last hit “Where Are You?” the group hasn’t created any more albums still they have a heavy touring schedule. For booking a show one may make a call directly to the tour manager. The phones and other information are given on the site. Contact groups can as well be addressed to.