In 1988, American musicians and vocalists George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers and Jimmy Helms, involving British guitarist William Henschel, gathered together in a recording studio in England. The product of their team-workwas the record “Speak”, the singles from which “There’s a Beat Going On” and “9 A.M. (The Comfort Zone)” hit the top of the charts in many European countries. With the organization of the first concert of the newly-minted group, which took place in 1990 in the Netherlands, the producer of the Dutch label “Anxious” helped the musicians. Thus began the story of the London Beat band, whose dance hits sounded on absolutely all the dance floors of the world.

The song “I’ve Been Thinking About You”, released in 1990, became the most recognizable composition, the real hallmark of the British collective. The composition immediately took the first position of the largest top charts of the planet, Billboard Hot 100. The single received such popularity that it can be safely called the anthem of the last decade of the 20th century.
The song became part of the band’s second studio album “In the Blood”, with a list of 12 tracks. Initially, the musicians planned to include it in the composition of their first record “Speak”, but on the advice of the producers postponed it until the release of the next album. The other single from the new album “In the Blood” was the song “A better love”, included in the top twenty of Billboard Hot 100. The album also included a remake of the legendary Bob Marley song “No Woman No Cry”, first released in 1974.

In 1995, after the release of their fourth studio album, the musicians decided to take part in the try-out, elimination round for the largest European Eurovision song contest. They came up with the composition “I’m Just Your Puppet on a … (String)”, but didn’t get a ticket to the competition.

After few years of calm, the group, already being in the new lineup, once again pleased the fans with the new album “Back in the Hi-life”. The album became very successful in Europe and Russia. It was clear that thank to the change of cast, the musical sound of the band changed for the better. “Where are you?”, the single from this album can definitely be called the most successful product of the creative work of musicians from the beginning of the 21st century.

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